Every Man For Himself

Every Man For Himself cover 500 x 313

The dramatic sequel to Press On Regardless, Every Man For Himself is an action-packed story of the RAF in France during World War II. 

It is late May 1940. The German invasion of France has overwhelmed the allies in a matter of days. On the ground, the British Expeditionary Force and the French army pull back for the coast and are quickly trapped against the Channel, surrounded by the advancing Germans.

For the surviving Royal Air Force squadrons based in France, the time has come to pull out for home, but not everyone leaves. Flight Lieutenant Roger Attwater stays behind to cover his men on the ground, while fighter pilot Colin Leach flies patrol after patrol across the Channel, protecting the retreating troops as best he can. Before long, they’re both thrust into the thick of the evacuation.

They push for Dunkirk, one to help and one for salvation, but with the Germans close behind and the French turning against them, the chaos on the coast could be the least of their problems.

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