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Sample chapter of Every Man For Himself

The dramatic sequel to Press On Regardless, Every Man For Himself is an action-packed story of the RAF in France during World War II. Buy it now on Amazon.

It is late May 1940. The German invasion of France has overwhelmed the allies in a matter of days. On the ground, the British Expeditionary Force and the French army pull back for the coast and are quickly trapped against the Channel, surrounded by the advancing Germans.

For the surviving Royal Air Force squadrons based in France, the time has come to pull out for home, but not everyone leaves. Flight Lieutenant Roger Attwater stays behind to cover his men on the ground, while fighter pilot Colin Leach flies patrol after patrol across the Channel, protecting the retreating troops as best he can. Before long, they’re both thrust into the thick of the evacuation.

They push for Dunkirk, one to help and one for salvation, but with the Germans close behind and the French turning against them, the chaos on the coast could be the least of their problems.


Sample chapter of Press On Regardless

Based on real events, Press On Regardless is an action-packed story of the RAF in France during World War 2. Buy it now on Amazon.

It is May 1940. Most of the Royal Air Force squadrons deployed to France wait impatiently for the impending German invasion.

Part of a top secret experimental unit, Flight Lieutenant Roger Attwater flies mission after mission in a modified Spitfire, deep into enemy territory.

If he is successful, he can change the course of the coming battle, and maybe save his oldest friend in the process. But the RAF are about to face their greatest ever challenge, and the Germans are not Attwater’s only enemy.




Published as James Baxter

Sample chapter of Injustice

Injustice is a fast-paced modern action thriller. Buy it now on Amazon.

Caught in the cross-fire between militant fanatics and a corrupt politician, justice department detective Sam Merrick’s greatest threat could be a hidden player that none of them sees coming.

Astonishing new technology has given the Justice Department the power to secure more convictions than ever before, driving crime rates steadily down across the country.

Passionate about fair and unbiased justice, Detective Sam Merrick joined the department to help continue the trend, convicting the guilty in spite of surging liberalism. Successfully closing case after case, he quickly embraces the system, which makes it even harder when he discovers that everything may not be exactly as it appears.

Unwilling to accept even the slightest flaw in the system, he goes looking for answers, driving an unscrupulous superior to act to silence him. Meanwhile, a group of fanatics attacks, bent on using the system to satisfy their own agenda. Caught in the cross-fire together with a hostile reporter, Sam must work with the men trying to kill him, not realising there are still more interests in play, and one of them could be the deadliest threat of all.


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